At Night

“intrigued by her style, she fine and low key; but def not shy when she grind on me”

I don’t love a lot of R&B music but I def really vibed with Ghosttown DJ’s “My Boo” that came out in the mid 90s.  When I was in high school (early 2000s) planning my first mixtape (another project never finished) I really wanted to sample it and add my own 3 verses.  Back then I was using a TASCAM device (all-in-one recorder) instead of Pro Tools (software on a laptop) and I learned some of the basics on recording/sound engineering while working on music during that time.

I struggled a bit getting it to loop smoothly although I had my 3 verses ready.  I never released that project in high school but I revisited the song a year or two later when I was in college.  I was better with the TASCAM at that point but didn’t love my lyrics quite as much anymore.  I essentially took my favorite parts of the 3 verses and condensed it into 1 solid verse and redid the track.

I love doing tracks where there is a defined topic but the artists can talk bout it from different perspectives.  I could just play off the original version with the mindset, “what would I be thinking if a girl was checkin’ me at a club like that”.  I think its a nice lil one shot but I have had some fans that requested I extend it into a 3 verse piece like my original intention.  We’ll see.  I might, but it just feels weird now.  It’s definitely the oldest track on Skool Daze but although I’m a totally different rapper now, the song itself still fits with my current style.  I probably won’t bother because I want to move on to new tracks but if more people really want more from this one, I’ll do it.



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