Break the Ice Lyrics

Had lost my chick, ready to throw the towel in; But wit one look u put me on the prowl again

So lets crack the surface check the style within; Got more methods than the man from shaolin

Lil hesitant generally I don’t move that fast; But when I see a hot thing I don’t let it pass

No runnin away to the farside letting u pass me by; No way, had to be willie may n say hey

Had an icebox where my heart use to be; But u took that faceoff as quick as ice hockey

No actin, not ice cube or ice t; U sweet as icin’ just tastin ur eye candy

U pack flavor like an ice cream truck; Let me be an ice cream cone and just melt in my clutch

And yeah we still got to do a lot of growin now; But at least we left the ice age, its broken down

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