Change Up Lyrics

Year 1 I knew u’ve been chased by plenty guys; due to that cute face fat ass n sexy thighs

desired prize, served as eye candy for many eyes; out here killin’ it, more times than Kenny’s died

Ice Skatin’ for dates or havin snow ball fights; goin out clubbin’ all late n stayin up all nite

We bonded and everything so fresh and so new; so excitin’ to have that new person to hold on to

Not quite puppy luv but still very young; puttin’ t-pain n slinky’s to shame the way we both got very sprung

Tho at times u could be a jealous mess; arguin’ over my female friends and u wanted to check my every text

I won’t deny that I had a flirty moment here and there; but there was never a doubt who was the real queen in my lair

U chasin’ your doctorate, I’m chasin my masters; broke now, but workin as a team to move up these ladders


Year 2, twice as hot and twice as purty; now doin some role playin to get twice as flirty

whether u a nurse, business woman, or just nice and nerdy; I luv em all from the tough girl to the extra girly

We learn to change it up to add spice and entice; to stay young at heart but actually plan out where we goin’ in life

life is better, hittin’ up airports and train stations; instead of low budget dates we takin real vacations

we can hit up the windy city or get tipsy in Nawlins;  Get down in ATL cuz I’m ballin’

not really I just grab the mic n rhyme silly; but at least I got a job and can help my broad

U still askin’ if I really love u or is it all a fraud; like I’m just playin around n u need to keep up your guard

What do I gotta do to convince u; my most valuable possession in this world is u


Year 3, got opportunity n I’m movin’ away; don’t cry baby girl we will be reunited again someday

But I’m pursuin my career, u still in school; I can’t let u hold me back I gotta break thru

Plenty of couples wouldn’t even attempt a long distance relation; but I know we strong enough n have the dedication

but u let the fears consume all yours thots; thinkin’ I’m gonna find some other girl and u gon’ get the drop

thinkin I’m gonna cheat wit some freak I met on the street; thinkin’ that u’ll never see me and our bond will get weak

well I’m worried bout the same things on your end; how I know u, aint gonna take a second look at one of your friends

but lets just be honest like we always promised; friends first, lovers second like when we were back in college

I’m still the same , I don’t change like the weather; if I make a change it’ll be a change for the better

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