Dar-1 Theory Lyrics

All Good Game

This light of mine shines illuminates my grind; down the path of Jonny Cash ready to walk the line

Wit no time to stop and water the tree; I’m dealing with rush hour like Carter and Lee

the flow go beyond ability to rock a party; them rhymes can change times like Doc and Marty

marchin down like the saints in Nawlins causin problems; evolvin thats y they call me Darwan

Sky’s the limit if my own heart’s straight; left Texas but remained in a lone star state

and to my mountaineers I know its been a few years; i’ll give you all i got just lend me two ears

it aint hard to tell but its hard to sell; findin heaven is actually harder than hell

so anytime you come across this new name; expect nothin less than all good game


Verse 2 change ways since the days of my first crew; now i’m all dash game lead more than pursoo

without death in site enterin my second life; and regained this whole dont mess wit Texas fight

wit a 3rd eye open no team of thirteen; but i tend to scheme like Danny Ocean

got a vision in high definition I cant lose; when the mission’s impossible i become tom cruise

dont let this new jack get busy; everywhere i go becomes new jack city

spikin punchlines and thats no joke; but it might jack u up like jack and coke

gotta have it, addicted to newage black magic; cant stop, keep goin at it like Jack rabbits

and that’s how i became the jack of all trades; out to win diamonds clubs hearts and spades


Lifestylez of the undergrad black middle class; out to prove we dont break like brittle glass

cant relate to rich and famous or poor and dangerous; no matter how the media tries to shape us

i do me, only duty is this rhyme slick game; got dogs to fight for me on that mike vick game

straight reggie miller in an N Y Knick game; kicked aside being on that sidekick game

never robin in the night scene, i’m nightwing; flashing through your mind striking like lightning

separatin the reasonable and absurd; out here to make wak MCs bite the curb

not in the game yet but thats fine; as long as you know that the real show comes at halftime

so dont change the channel just check the candle; cuz this light of mine shines illuminates my grind.


My antics caused a spike on campus; cops come manage to vanish neva caught on cameras

cuttin classes, whats life without takin chances; goin out drinkin gettin some lap dances

a-yo my pack of misfits goons chickenheads and chicklits got big lips; for everybody tryin to come after this clique

forget what you u know and what you heard before; we the type to go fight the punks from jersey shore

i’m playin, just after the chicks i’m cravin; nevermore like the raven saying thats what i’m claimin

size em up, got a great site the way she shakin; eyez light up, the break lights once i break in

gotta high rolla virgin gal i’m lookin to break in; gotta bipolar suburban gal i need to trade in

cant make my mind, i struggle at times; girls are a dime a dozen but i want dozens of dimes


Get loose, only drink the truth; the ones u cant deny cuz it got alotta proof

i rock til the baby asleep;and transform miss lady in the street, to amazing freak

so get it gal get down go hard get tipped; got mo drinks in the whip beggin to get sipped

if u tryin to take a trip, ready to slide; if in more ways than one, u ready to ride

check the profile, style fast furious and wild; leavin hostile wenches wit a devilish smile

checkin vixens chicken heads and headless chickens; some lookin for a tip drill and tipsy girls trippin

yall got it twisted huh; the mixed kid gon mix it up

i treat innocent dames and the rappers the same; after i spit my game they gon give it up


I’m dressed to club yet dressed to kill; wit sex as a weapon i’ll threaten fa real

jazzy as jeff and as fresh as will; so ill they sendin a pill of benadryl

i put on for my city for my culture for my peers; and put off all the haters and the doubters in my ears

wit a definite no, but now see; we all alright like kids from that 70s show

celebratin like i just won a championship; the bootylicious didn’t think i could handle it

what u tellin me, i’m more than ready for the jelly; dj bring on whatever medley of melodies

the gigs up, sober meter got quickly spent; took nine shots I call it a 50 cent (what u say)

sober meter got quickly spent; took nine shots I call it a 50 cent


Let Me Be Wit U

Can I ask u a personal question?

On the low, low as bass, drop a hint so it’s not a closed case

gotta know or I’ll blow, how yo smile light up the whole place?

I watch it go, pierce souls, reflect off walls, encompass the whole space

Somehow enhancing the beauty already imbedded in yo whole face

N why u got a gemstone for an iris? not tryin’ to embellish

But i can tell even your eyelashes r jealous to be in its presence

it serves as the gateway to your soul an after adjustin’ my angle

caught a glimpse of the wings n halo, there’s no doubt u an angel

Damn I like ya, cant withstand, u make my heart pound to the beat i write ta

devise a big plan to hire cupid as my hitman n snipe ya

thinkin how us caressin’ would be a blessin’ nothin less than heaven

Attracted to how u wear more clothes n let my eyes do the undressin’

The physical matrix creation needs a theoretical explanation

Cuz the eye candy’s beyond what a homo sapien is capable tastin’

Pardon the cravin, its war when temptation knocks the interior’s core

But i caved in, rare scenario that i’d jump the friend barrier for

Grey area part 4? No! I won’t repeat n relive past mistakes

For good I smashed the place, so just know when i asked if i could have this date

All grey smoke has disappeared, no pollution, all intentions r clear

No rain to hydroplane, no windshield smeared, i can change gears and easily veer

To a spot beside the female i admire most thru every detail

U possess all i want, the sureness from the train of thought doesn’t derail

Where most chicks fail for being too that n too this, wit countless things on the list

You appear to be delicately engineered as well rounded as a sphere

Not too passive, too aggressive, too proud, or too needy, I see thee

As more real than chance, the balance u possess suggest u took advanced dance

While the balance i possess suggest that I’m fallin’ for u rapidly

Last question. Will I be a victim of gravity or do u intend on catchin me?


Who the hell is trainin’ these police?  they should be fired, retired, these beasts in uniform conspire

to get away wit murder like Annalise and acquire; the videotapes to hide proof, no justice no peace they liars

we try peaceful protests but those get no results; n the oppressive system don’t listen they insult

vilified painted as a misguided colt; losin wit no solution n no key to free the bolt

n man i would hate for it to escalate the bloodshed; but on our side it already has everytime we find one dead

so don’t be surprised by what arise as this remains allowable; such a slap in the face in every case these cops aren’t held accountable

so instead of dismissin step in our shoes; imagine that victim as someone u know, singin’ our blues

not delusional race baiters, use the mouse, zoom in; we just want to be treated as fairly, treated as human

n I wish I could be a proud american; but around blue devils I’m unwanted like a maryland terrapin

another bites the dust but they don’t care for him; got mothers cryin’ why like nancy carrigan

we stay grievin, being black comes wit a high risk; that’s the main reason y so much black pride exists

but they take it as a threat, n I hate it; cuz I got love for all races but tired of seeing mine degraded

n how can we stay objective in the present; when we know innocent dudes that wrongfully served a long sentence

it’s a tired old song, cop cant figure out who; so any random black dude barely fittin the description will do

real talk none of this makes sense; how many times can you shoot a person and still claim it was all self defense

after 2 I feel like u crossed the line and hopped the fence; n now u goin for the kill that’s just how I feel

The Gray Area

The clock’s on 11:11, my wish take me to heaven; feelin’ as lucky as 7, Y? today is a present
Unwrappin’ the gift, eyez lit, did u send me one?; Or is it my imagination that I’ve been letting run
Yeah, cuz nothins heaven sent, they wont just give it up like lent; Life’s a wench playin’ games wit me on the bench
Reachin’ for somthin I cant grab fightin something I cant jab; I keep gettin’ pushed aside like someone typin hit tab
The things I’m chasin’ today I may be chasin’ away; I wish the answers were in black n white cuz theres no erasin’ the grey
But to u that step is a horror scene, u ignore the dream; N let the idea of a nightmare scare that ionic bond that we could share
Naw it’s a golf course, not all a fairway, so practice ur swing; Don’t let areas of rough or trees n water keep u from the grass that’s green
The two of us got two eyes lookin’ in two different directions; Seein’ each other as a love interest n simultaneously viewin’ it a friendship

U want that girlfriend treatment but not given me none; if I’m not really in your plans we can just be done
cuz right now I just feel like I’m bein takin advantage of; no progression for a while so I may vanish becuz
when I step my game up u tell me to pull back n relax; u not ready for all that n that’s the facts
but when I pull away it’s like the string gets tension; now u all disappointed that I’m not givin u attention
u cant have it both ways dependin’ on what’s convenient; at this point I wont continue to be so lenient
U know I’m down, u know I’m ready to sign; but I wont wait around u have to make up your mind
cuz that window of opportunity  is closin’ certainly; u better stick your hand in the crack before it shuts permanently
I’m cool wit takings things slow if that’s your intention; but I cant match your pace if u keep changing direction

I’m not mad at u just frustrated at the situation; I got a girl in my corner wit no limitation
anybody hurt u, I’m ready to kick his face in; but u set up this magic wall wit no infiltration
u can let me in but wont recite the incantation; u wont provide a set in stone indication
so yeah, I’ll admit its messin wit me fa real; cuz I feel like your in my palms but I cant seal the deal
So believe me I understand u don’t mean to tease me; But walkin’ this tight rope is like pimpin’ it aint easy
N should I slip n lose my grip I cant say which way I’m fallin’; Either fallin’ for u, or I could fall back and turn away n get out this trap
This grey area is no home, only a place to roam; Hotels, houses, or apartments, bout as lame as Mediterranean and Baltic
I wanna monopoly spot wit places to park in it, boardwalks in it; But right now it’s a roll of the dice whether or not u become a part of it