Guerilla Poets

Guerilla Poets

Actually this one isn’t so random because I’m a member of the group.  Let’s back up though.

So when I first moved to Charlotte I relied completely on to find people with similar interests because I had no friends or family here.  I stumbled upon the Guerilla Poet’s – Free the Mic open mic and became a regular performer there.  The open mic is only once a month but I kept in touch  with group and went to some of their other events and eventually joined the squad.  The description of the group is below.

Guerilla Poets is a flash poetry mob that does poetry in unexpected places in the hopes that it will touch the lives of those who normally wouldn’t listen to poetry. Our mission is not only to empower, inform and encourage, but also to break down the walls that separate poetry so artists can further their expression through commradery and collaboration.

One thing cool about this group is that it really does have diversity.  You see a mix of races (very rare in most poetry groups), mix of styles, subjects, some that read, and some that memorize like myself, musicians, photographers, painters and whatever.  All is welcome, they are super supportive, and dope.

Since then I’ve a part of plenty of the shows and even gotten to host our open mics Free the Mic and Encore.  The Charlotte spoken word community overall is awesome so I like rockin at the spoken word open mics when I’m not hittin up music ones.  With the type of rapper I am, I fit right in with the poetry world and even got an opportunity to be a featured act at Upstage.  It’s a little strange to have become a featured poetry act before rap act considering that my heart is in music but at the same time if I can excel in both, why not?  I was checking an interview from one of my favorite rappers Phonte from Little Brother and he was talking about how if he could go back he would have focused more on using all his tools as opposed to just rapping.  I def can understand that.  Now he sings in a group called Foreign Exchange but every now and then drops another rap album.  I like pushing myself to being versatile and doing different versions of my pieces.  I’m a lyrical rapper and carefully put together my verses so I don’t mind rockin a cappella.

With GP I have gotten to do plenty I normally wouldn’t.  From the flash mobs, to sessions with Time Out Youth, and other special events.  It’s def been a blessin’ to become a part of a second family out here.


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