Hip Hop MultiVerse Podcast

Podcast where I talk to friends about the artists, subgenres, trends, and styles of Hip Hop.

Episode 1: Miami Bass

If you ain’t on this train, you ain’t nobody.

featuring Whitney Pursoo

Episode 2: DMX

The epitome of hardcore rap.

featuring Deran Pursoo

Episode ?: The Off-Season; J. Cole’s 6th Album

Does this make Nas proud?

featuring Neri Gabriel

Episode ?: 2Pac

Hip Hop’s most fascinating and iconic figure.

featuring Chelsea Johnson

Episode ?: Miami Bass Scene and Censorship

The wild Hip Hop scene that shaped the southern sound and all the controversy that came with it.

featuring Whitney Pursoo

Episode ?: Snapshot of Sex Packets; Digital Underground’s Debut Album

The Alt-West.

featuring Ali McDonald

Episode ?: Atlanta Bass Scene

How the ATLiens invaded the booty bass

featuring Whitney Pursoo

Episode ?: Notorious BIG

The King of New York

featuring Deran Pursoo

Episode ?: Snapshot of Back for the First Time; Ludacris’ “Debut” Album

The debut of the most prolific Dirty South rapper of his era

featuring Whitney Pursoo

Episode ?: Miami Bass from the Small Scenes

The jams from Jacksonville Fl and other random classics that used the Miami Bass sound

featuring Whitney Pursoo

Episode ?: Rap Game/Crack Game

A deep dive into the appeal of music about drug dealing?

featuring Deran Pursoo