Sketchy Podcast

Sketchy Podcast

So personally I’m not big on podcasts but I absolutely love this one. My music fans get a taste of it but those that know me on a more personal level know my love for mature American cartoons (Young Justice, Batman: The Animated Series, Daria etc…) and anime. Luckily one of my high school friends, Ryan Clagg (aka Dr. C), hosts this animation podcast with Matt Newcomb (Nukem) and they talk about …. well here is the iTunes description below.

Sketchy is a weekly podcast about animation and artwork in television, films, comics, and more. Each week, the hosts discuss a new cartoon while trying their best to stay on topic. Dr. C & Nukem.

The hosts are ridiculously knowledgeable and the guests are always entertaining as well. Although they will start by directly talking about the show you can always bet they will end up on crazy tangents as they relate their life experiences to something going on with what they are reviewing.

So if you want to get introduced to some new shows or just would like to hear the sketchy hosts opinions on one of your favorites makes sure that you check them out.

Play with owls (Sketchy Signoff)

You can find them:

I’ve been a guest for the following:
Episode 116: Sword Art Online
Episode 125: Sekirei
Episode 153: Death Note

They have done two shows based on my recommendations:
Episode 105: Justice League: Doom
Episode 167: Batman: Year One

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Submittal for intro to the Sketchy Podcast

Joints to check out: (I’m going with a Nas theme today)
Mixtape: Elzhi – Elmatic             
Elzhi may be the only rapper that can recreate illmatic, give it the right twist, and do it justice. Best Detroit rapper besides Eminem & Royce.

Album: Nas – Illmatic
Poetic streethop over jazz influenced beats. The classic of all hip hop classics. No radio play or tv play. Released in 1994. Went gold in 1996. Went platinum in 2001. One of very few rap albums that has gotten more popular with time.  Even has books written about it.

Song: Nas – I gave you power
Off of the It Was Written album this is one of the most clever rap songs you will ever hear.  A view of gun violence told from the perspective of the gun itself.

Video: 2pac & Nas – Thugz Mansion

Two of my favorite rappers on the same track pouring out their struggles.

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