Skool Nitez

Traditionally I’m not a party/club rapper.  I’ve been to tons of house parties that was all loud music and dancin’ like clubs.  That’s all I did my first few years at UD but I’m not a club person.  I don’t know all the new dances (or the older ones), I don’t be spending bunch of money in the clubs buying drinks for myself or others, I don’t be pickin’ up random girls I met in the club or none of that.  But every now and then I do like to get a lil turnt up and have a good time.

This song was put together specifically for the Skool Daze mixtape (rare for this mixtape) but it does have its roots in many previous songs written at different times.  Party tracks aren’t my natural style so although I have a written a good bit over the years, most of which stayed in my rap book and weren’t pieces I’d ever perform.  I def thought the mixtape needed a lil more fun so I wanted to do something with a club feel but maintain a certain sharpness and cleverness in the lyrics.  I found a beat in Deran’s collection that captured the sound I was looking for and starting putting together Skool Nitez.  I plucked a few ideas and lines from previous songs and was able to put together 2 verses that I thought were very solid but still needed to write one more.  The verse I wrote which I ended up using as the first verse in the song is def another of my favorite verses I’ve ever written.  It shows the right edge, intelligence, humor, and technical rhyme skills all at once.

My pack of misfits, goons, chicken heads, and chick lits

got big lips for anybody tryin to talk to this clique

forget what u know or anything u heard before

we the type to go fight the punks from jersey shore

I’m playin’, just out to scoop the chicks I’m cravin’

nevermore, like the raven sayin, that’s what I’m claimin

The influence from this song really comes from the party tracks from Biggie and Redman.  Most club tracks are catchy and stupid but I always felt those two could rhyme their ass off without losing that club vibe in a song.




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