All Good Game

“Left Texas but remained in a Lone Star State”

My theme song lol.  The first verse of this song will always be one of my favorite verses ever and is usually the first thing that comes out when rappin’ for someone for the first time.  It’s my introduction song that really shows off my natural music style.  The title comes from a roommate I had at UD named Justin.  When people would ask him how he doin’ he would say he “all good game” and after a while without realizing it I started jackin’ his slang.  I would respond to people askin me how I was that way and I would also stick game at the end of sentences too.  Similar to the lines in the 3rd verse…

Only duty is this rhyme slick game

got dogs to fight for me on that mike vick game

str8 reggie miller in an N-Y Knick game

kicked aside bein’ on that sidekick game

I luv the next part too…

Neva robin in the night scene, I’m nightwing

flashin’ thru ya mind striking like lightning

What kills me bout it is that I wrote that line before my nightwing obsession really kicked in.  Today I wear nightwing shirts, my poet name is Nitewing, my music pages will show the symbol, I write nightwing fanfiction, and have even read some comics.  But back then I only knew a lil bit from him from the New Batman Adventures cartoon that ran from 97′ to 99′.  It’s like that line was foreshadowing my nightwing fandom.

Let me back up a minute. I wrote this back in early 2008 and my nightwing thing kicked in about mid 2012.  I was looking to release a debut mixtape in 2008 but I never finished the project.  The lyrics to the song never felt old or dated to me though.  Its still one of my favorites to this day and when I released Skool Daze (the first time lol) in January of 2014 there was no doubt that this song would be a must.

Despite loving the lyrics to this song, I can never make up my mind on what the hook and beat should be.  I’ve tried a lot of different ideas but in the end chose one of Deran’s sampled beats that didn’t need a hook.  Which is fine to me.  The lyrics should get the point across.

Nas fans may notice that this song is influenced by him.  Especially his two songs from Illmatic “Halftime” and “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”.  In both he just brags with really clever wordplay and both use minimum vocals on the hook.  It’s suttle but there is some homage to the tracks in the lyrics.

Nas – “I hate a rhymebiter’s rhyme; Stay tuned, I assume the real rap comes at halftime”

Dar-1 – “Not in the game yet but that’s fine; As long as you know that the real show come at halftime”

Nas – “You feel it like braille, it ain’t hard to tell”

Dar-1 – “It ain’t hard to tell but its hard to sell; findin’ heaven is actually harder than hell”

I gotta move on from this joint but I think I’ll always look back on it as a defining moment for me in regards to taking a big step forward in my writing.  As far as I’m concerned this song started a whole new era of Dar-1 lyrics in my rap book.

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