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20000101-IMG_2502MIKEWHITEPRESENTS – “wicked, sick sound bro..loving that big punchy string hook for “everything I have” ..wicked lyrical skills and whole lot of soul in this music..very cool indeed!!”

JULIANN ANDREEN – “So much talent and expression in your hot tracks. Excellent word play. I’m crazy about “Let Me Be Wit U.” Keep the words and music flowin’”

Growing up as a fan of various styles and subgenre’s in the Hip Hop world, Dar-1 is a unique mix of styles that sounds only like himself. His clever sensible wordplay coupled with unique universal concepts draws a connection with a wide volume of listeners from hardcore Hip Hop heads to people that previously never listened to the genre. Further inspiration for his craft was developed from slam poetry in college where he often participated and received significant respect from his peer poets. Dar-1 prides himself on being a highly talented rapper that is simply unpredictable, random, and hard to define. As he explains, “Listeners are quick to put artists in a certain category, label, or box. I want to keep breaking that box until the listeners give up.” Mix in some love for comic book and anime culture and you have a unique brand of music never done before.

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