Skool Daze Inspiration

When I started planning out my debut mixtape I couldn’t help but think of the classic debuts that I grew up on. The main ones being Nas’ Illmatic (94), Biggie’s Ready to Die (94), and Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt (96). In each one the artist really brought you into their world as a person (not as a rapper, celebrity, or complete fabrication) and went through the ups and downs of their life. Other than that, they truly rapped their ass off. Regardless of what fans and critics may think of the music on the whole, there is no question that lyrically they pushed hip hop into new heights (imo the highest it ever got). Goin into Skool Daze I didn’t want to pull punches on my lyrics. Many fans will miss plenty of wordplay or not pick up on certain suttle things but that’s fine. I don’t want to dumb down lyrics or simplify things because my goal for this is to be a lyrical elitist. In the future I may get more creative with the overall music but I didn’t want to do anything too experimental for this. I want the focus to be on what I bring to the table as a rapper cuz I feel like its what the game is missing. Rapper’s have all the bells and whistles in the world but no core and no engine. In the mainstream world you got rappers that cant rap (ppl just think they cool ppl); rappers spittin wordplay that doesn’t make sense, give a true comparison, or relate to the song; and rappers battling over who tougher, who got more swag, n who better dressed instead of who the better rapper….. So I went into this mixtape with the mindset that I wanted to put something together for people that can appreciate rap on a core level. It’s not for everybody, but to me, rap was better when it was about mastering its own world instead of trying to appeal to everybody. Why the title Skool Daze? Simple, I was in college when I wrote most of these songs and some of the others are modified versions of tracks I wrote in college. Other than that I feel like I’m introducing or re-introducing people to the art of rapping. Or at least a side of it that they aren’t use to.

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