Truly believe sky’s the limit if my own heart’s straight; Left Texas but remained in a Lone Star State

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Dar-1 has been a hip hop head since a very young age and provides a style that pulls from the 90s legends he grew up on but with his own unique twist.  He prides himself on his wordplay, deeper content, and wide variety of tracks rarely heard in the genre.

As a transplant thats lived in Texas, West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, and now Pittsburgh, Dar-1 has connections to many cities and pulls material from each one.

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Musical Styles/Descriptions

Lyrical Hip Hop

Alternative Hip Hop

Jazz Hop & Blues Hop



“He’s dope!” – Shane Manier



Other Ventures

Outside of making music Dar-1 also hosts the Hip Hop MultiVerse Podcast and is a member of the Charlotte-based collective Guerilla Poets.  GP is a non profit that provides arts to shelters, centers, schools, and more.  This can include simply performing for groups, raising money for arts supplies, or creating a space for the attendees to participate in a form of arts. https://www.guerillapoets.com/

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