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Bringing back the swing jazz and blues of the roaring 20s and blending it with the sound of modern hip hop.  This album uses the theme from the past but addresses the challenges of the modern world.  Dar-1’s most conscious album.

Track list

1 Real Ones

2 Wing Girl

3 Art Deco

4 Assassin’s Revelation

5 Tracks

6 Fall

7 Leave U

8 Second Life

9 Streets of Rage

10 Assassin’s Brotherhood

11. Hitman

12. Swing Jam


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Me Against My Demons

Dar-1’s most personal album with a little bit of rock and blues inspired tracks.

Track list

1 Me Against My Demons (Intro)

2 Punisher

3 Burn

4 The Real Enemy

5 Specialist Intro

6 Specialist

7 M.A.M.D. (Midtro)

8 Lyrical Therapy

9 Driftin

10 Untitled Love Song

11 Hurdles

12 M.A.M.D. (Outro)

Dar-1 Theory: Origin

The debut album with all the endless punchlines.

Track list

1 Antics Rant (Intro)

2 All Good Game

3 Drinks

4 Role Playin Games

5 Cant Stop Us Now (Featuring BlackPearl)

6 Cages (Featuring Nikii Von)

7 Damn Girl

8 Be Wit U (Featuring Judah Wesley)

9 Soul Searchin